Saturday, October 4, 2008

Royal ePacket: Fabric Painting ePacket by Devonia

What a fun project this is. In the Royal ePacket, you will receive by e-mail everything you need to complete one or all three projects - including great photos for reference, printable patterns , supply list and complete easy-2-follow instructions.

I enjoyed creating the patterns, with easy-to-follow instructions and loved the finished items.

I've shown these projects in glittering gold, laden with sparkling crystal gems. I'm especially pleased with the original concept of a game tote to store game components in while looking beautiful as it serves.

A Game Tote with a crown on one side and a travel checkers game on the other:
Any little or big princess would love this. A night shirt could be painted with the crown and the matching tote, with the travel checkers game, would be an instant hit for sleep-overs. It's sweet as can be painted in pinks and silver glitter! The little "checkers" are wooden heart cut-outs.

All three for only $2.75
Appx 12 pages
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The neat thing about the pattern is that it shows through for quick and easy tracing when placed under most tees, sweats, night shirts and fabrics. It only takes seconds to sandwich the pattern between the layers of a shirt and trace it.

This is easy fabric painting, washable, when dry. The sparkling stones add lots of fun glitz.

It's gorgeous in any of your favorite colors - I made the pillow out of scraps from a vintage wedding dress from a thrift store. Every other block is painted with metallic paint.The satin is the shiny blocks. I love it on muslin.